4 Great Queen Street, WC2.
Open: 11pm-3.30am Tue-Thu, 11pm-4am Sat & Sun
Contact number: 0171 831 0802

Admission/charge: £15

A smaller, more intimate venue. Celebrities packed into Browns through the late eighties and people who put them there (ie YOU!) continue to do so through the nineties.

Leicester Square, W1
Open: 9pm-3am Mon-Thu, 9pm-4am Fri & Sat
Contact number: 0171 437 1446

Admission/charge: £5-£10

Leicester Square, W1 Leicester Square Tube Another large venue, again offering the staple fair of house and chart hits to the unsuspecting tourist. Holds 1500 people.

Leicester Square,W1.
Open: 9pm-3am Mon-Thu, 9pm-3.30am Fri & Sat
Contact number: 0171 437 4311

Admission/charge: £4-£12

Huge, cavernous discotheque aimed squarely at the tourist and out of town clubber. Expensive drinks, chart sounds.

Imperial Gardens
299 Camberwell New Road, SE5
Open: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 9pm - 3am Friday, Saturday 10pm - 6am
Contact number: 0171 252 6000

Admission/charge: £3-£15 depending on promoter

Once you find the place you'll be pleasantly surprised, phone before you go though. R' B, Hip Hop, Soul, Trance etc...

16-19 Upper St Martins Lane, WC2
Open: 9pm - 3am
Contact number: 0171 240 5534

Admission/charge: Usually around the £15.00 mark.

Stringfellows - the all time great of British clubland continues to pack 'em in with its LA style tableside dancing Mondays to Thursdays, and its classic club nights on Friday and Saturday. Arrive early. Dress smart (especially during the week)

36 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1, next to Trocadero
Tel : (0171) 287 2715
Tube : Piccadilly Circus
Open 5pm-3.30am Mon-Fri; 7pm-6am Sat.
Admission £3-£8 Mon-Fri; £10-£12 Sat.

Monday : Radical jazz and jungle
Tuesday : Latin dance
Thursday : Ace drum 'n' bass

Orange Yard, Manette Street, W1
Tel : 0171 734 2095
Tube : Tottenham Court Road
Open 8.30pm-3am Mon-Sat.
Admission £6-£10.

Underneath a Tex-Mex restaurant with rock, indie and upfront dance nights.

16A West Central Street, WC1
Tel : 0171 419 9199
Tube : Tottenham Court Road.
Open 10pm-3am Wed; 10pm-4am Thur; 11pm-5am Fri; 11pm-7am Sat; 8pm-late Sun.
Admission £3-£13.

Owned by Mr C (from The Shamen), this is a new state-of-the-art club with one of the best sound systems in town.

Leicester Square, WC2
Tel : 0171 437 1446
Tube : Leicester Square
Open 9pm-3am Mon-Thur; 9am-4am Fri, Sat.
Admission £5-£7 Mon-Thur; £8-£10 Fri, Sat.

A mainstream club capable of keeping up to 1,500 dancers happy.

4 The Piazza, WC2
Tel : 0171 497 3153/ 3154
Tube : Covent Garden
Open 9pm-3am Mon; 
10pm-2.30am Tue; 
Wed; 10pm-3am 
Thur; 11pm-5am 
Fri; 10.30 pm-6 am 
Sat; 5pm-3am Sun.
Admission £5 Mon-Wed; £6 Thur; £8-£13 Fri, Sat; £7 Sun.

Popular Covent Garden hangout that hosts packed and pumpin' one-nighters.

6 Hanover St, W1
Tel : 0171 499 7977
Tube : Oxford Circus
Open 10.30pm-4.30 am Wed-Sat.
Admission £5-£15.

Two stylish floors packed every night from Wednesday (funky swing) to Saturday (the first choice for glammy party people).

Under The Arches, Villiers Street, WC2
Tel : 0171 930 2020
Tube : Embankment / Charing Cross (rail)
Open 10pm-3am Mon; 10.30pm-3am Tue-Sat.
Admission £6-£8.

The capital's major gay club is also one of the best dance venues in town.

Cranbourn Street, WC2
Tel : 0171 437 4311)
Tube : Leicester Square
Open 9pm-3.30am Mon-Sat.
Admission £4-£6 Mon-Wed; £5-£6 Thur; £8-£12 Fri, Sat.

Superb lighting and sound systems, but dated interior decoration.

11 White Horse Street, off Curzon Street, W1
Tel : 0171 495 5333
Tube : Green Park
Open 11pm-3am Fri; 10pm-3.30am Sat.
Admission £7-£10.

On three stylish floors with musical diversity and fun-funky interactive entertainment.

29 Old Burlington Street, W1
Tel : 0171 494 2271
Tube : Green Park/ Piccadilly Circus
Open 10pm-3am Wed, Thur; 10.30pm-4.30am Fri, Sat.
Admission £5-£15.

Sleek, steel-clad nightclub hosting pumping housey nights at weekends. Thursdays are free for women before 11pm.

121 Holborn, EC1
Tel : 0171 242 1345
Tube : Chancery Lane
Open 10pm-3am Thur; 10pm-5am Fri; 10pm-6am Sat.
Admission £5-£10.

Happy house hedonism and an airport-style theme with Metalheadz on Saturday nights and a gay indie session, Popstarz, on Fridays.

136 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1
Tel : 0171 434 0572
Tube : Leicester Square
Open 10pm-3am Mon-Sat.
Admission £5-£8 Mon-Thur; £10 Fri; £12 Sat.

Once a church, now a temple to funk, garage and house music. 
Venue for Planet Earth on Wednesdays. 
The toast of the town when it first opened, this converted Church still has 
much to offer as long as your musical tastes aren't too demanding. 
The main dancefloor is decidedly more commercial than the funkier downstairs.

8-10 Brewer Street, W1
Tel : 0171 734 2473
Tube : Piccadilly Circus
Open 9pm-3am Mon-Sat; 9pm-2am Sun.
Admission £5-£22.50.

This late-night camp cabaret hosts easy-listening Indigo on Tuesdays and from Thursdays to Saturdays it's the haunt of six-foot drag queens.

12 Sutton Row, down the side of the Astoria, W1
Tel : 0171 439 4655
Tube : Tottenham Court Road
Open 10pm-3am Mon-Thur; 11pm-5am Fri; 10pm-5am Sat.
Admission £3-£10.

Thursday's popular Tempo night attracts a single-minded dance crowd in pursuit of jungle rhythms.

3-5 Rathbone Place, W1
Tel : 0171 255 1098
Tube : Tottenham Court Road
Open noon-3am Mon-Fri; 9pm-3am Sat.
Admission £3-£6.

This wine-bar-cum-club has been recently overhauled and now hosts a range of off-beat nights, including madcap board game action on Wednesdays, The Double Six Club.

16 Upper St Martin's Lane, WC2
Tel : 0171 240 5534
Tube : Covent Garden/ Leicester Square
Open 8pm-3.30am Fri, Sat.
Admission £10-£15.

This is where the stars go, allegedly. A perfectly acceptable good-time club for anyone aged 20-70, with a restaurant upstairs and happy house nights midweek.

191 Victoria Street, SW1
Tel : 0171 630 8980
Tube : Victoria (rail)
Open 10pm-6am Fri, Sat.
Admission £8-£12.

An bizarre Edwardian dance hall with traditional oak panelling on two floors that hosts house or breakbeat jungle.

143 Charing Cross Road, WC2
Tel : 0171 439 4655
Tube : Tottenham Court Road
Open 10pm-3am Mon-Thur; 10.30pm-4am Fri, Sat.
Admission £4-£10.

A well-designed club with sleek seating areas and a dancefloor playing happy house beats for a twentysomething crowd.

13-18 Bear Street, off Leicester Square, WC2
Tel : 0171 839 4188
Tube : Leicester Square
Open 4pm-3am Mon-Sat.
Admission £3-£10.

Only 2 years old with multiple rooms including a VIP room.

35 Wardour Street, W1
Tel : 0171 437 5534
Tube : Leicester Square/ Piccadilly Circus
Open 10.30pm-3.30am Mon-Thur; 10.30pm-5am Fri, Sat.
Admission £4-£6 Mon-Thur; £8-£10 Fri, Sat.

Two floors playing a range of dance music. Saturday's Blow Up club is recommended.

67-68 Albert Embankment, SE1
Tel : 0171 735 5590
Tube : Vauxhall tube/rail.
Open 10pm-6am Sat.
Admission £6-£8.

Two air-conditioned arches are the setting for Saturday's Strawberry Sundae, a friendly and unpretentious set of pumping house beats.

103 Gaunt Street, SE1
Tel : 0171 378 6528
Tube : Elephant & Castle (tube/rail)
Open 10.30pm-6.30am Fri; midnight-9am Sat.
Admission £10 Fri; £15 Sat.

Garage house classics. It's only open at the weekend, it's expensive and the security is tight, but on a good night it's all worth it.

2A Clifton Rise, SE14
Tel : 0181 692 4077
Tube : New Cross Gate (tube/rail)
Open 8pm-3am Fri-Sat.
Admission £3-£6.

One of South-east London's most popular club so arrive early for the bands and alternative/indie rock sessions.

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